In order to assist risk assessors, ARCHE Consulting and Chemycal have jointly developed EDScreener, an endocrine disruptor screening tool for co-formulants in biocidal products.

Endocrine Disruptor (ED) assessments are mandatory for all active substances and co-formulants present in biocidal products, since the scientific criteria for determining ED properties under the BPR entered into force in 2018.

How does edscreener work?

EDScreener implements advanced data scraping technologies to automate a large part of the otherwise labour-intensive process by automatically checking existing EU programs and websites with information on ED properties of chemicals. All collected information is structured in an easily accessible table format in accordance with the approach developed by the competent authorities.

who can edscreener help?

EDScreener can help applicants (and regulators) structuring and simplifying the tasks associated with ED assessments, in a continuously developing and challenging regulatory framework.

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